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Enhanced Mainstream School for Social, Emotional and Mental Health (EMS for SEMH)

The Enhanced Mainstream School (EMS) at Starbeck Primary Academy is part of the Inclusive Education Service (IES) provision that provide an Outreach support service to pupils in mainstream schools with a Special Educational Need. The aim and purpose of the EMS, is to be on site expertise within Starbeck but also to increase the capacity of our cluster schools to have an inclusive approach to support, cater and meet the needs of those pupils who experience Social, Emotional, Mental Health (SEMH) resulting in behaviour that challenges.

Pupils with SEMH are well supported by the EMS. The provision offers an excellent contribution to the pattern of SEND provision within North Yorkshire. The team are passionate and committed professionals and their work is highly regarded both within the school and the local area (NYCC Mainstream Specialist Provision Review - Autumn 2016)

The EMS at Starbeck is one of 9 Primary Schools across North Yorkshire who are Specialist in SEMH. The EMS serves a large community of 35 cluster schools in the Ripon and Knaresborough area of North Yorkshire.

We aim to up-skill the staff in our community by sharing expertise and breaking down preconceptions associated with SEMH in order to support children, their Teachers and Teaching Assistants within schools, to ensure best possible outcomes for these young people’s education.

Outreach work that takes place is usually in the form of advice, support, guidance and training for staff around the pupil experiencing these difficulties.

It may include support to 'unpick' the behaviours presented, modelling or modifying of strategies and resources available, support to make reasonable adjustments, Risk Assess, enhanced transition planning, assessment of need for statutory advice or in the form of direct therapeutic interventions for the referred pupils, alongside the school staff. We work alongside Multi-Agency partners not only within education but health and social care too.These methods allow us to up-skill and improve knowledge, expertise and confidence in Teachers and Teaching Assistants in their practice.

The EMS is fortunate to have a Parent Support Adviser who works with families to support them and build skills within the home. Our Parent Support Adviser provides specialist support and advice to strengthen family dynamics and liaises with Multi-Agencies and indeed the Specialist Teachers at the EMS.

Within Starbeck School the EMS Team also have on-site facilities. This allows the team, if required, to deliver more intensive support a time specific period through short periods of ‘in-reach’, supported by staff members from the referred child 's 'home' school.

Below you can find a link to the SPA (Single Point of Access) referral form, Risk Assessments, useful training, and mainstream guidance. However, as a team, we welcome informal contact for immediate advice prior to referral, contact details are also below.

Teacher in Charge

Aimee Bellwood
Tel: 01423 884780
Tel: 07889725560
Email: ems@starbeck.n-yorks.sch.uk

EMS Team
Teacher in Charge Aimee Bellwood
Specialist Teacher Sarah Latham
Part-time Specialist/Medical Needs Teacher Liz Gatenby
Advanced Teaching Assistant
Administrator Elaine Ellis
Parent Support Adviser George Dickinson

If you would like to further your understanding and knowledge of Behavioural needs there is a free educational resource on children and young people’s mental health for all adults called MINDed. This is online training and information for professionals and parents/carers. All you need to do is log in and you will have access to a wide range of information on many different issues relating to behaviour and mental health.

Please use this link to access: www.minded.org.uk

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