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Our mission

At Starbeck Primary Academy, we believe that learning should be a lifelong adventure where children and adults learn together to develop the skills needed to meet the challenges that they face in the years ahead.

We intend to enable our children to be happy, independent thinkers with an enthusiasm for learning and aspirations for their future.

We believe that children need to acquire basic skills and to be able to use these in a variety of different situations.  Therefore we teach children to read, write and develop number skills, to use computers and explore their environment.

We place high emphasis on children being independent and being involved in their own learning. Children who can talk confidently, ask questions and who are interested in the world around them are likely to learn more.

We aim to provide a curriculum which has a balance of teaching skills and providing opportunities for children to apply those skills. We aim to make learning fun and meaningful to children.  A child who is interested is a child who will learn.

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