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Friends of Starbeck School (FOSS) PTA


  1. To promote close co-operation, communication and effective relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the
  2. To engage in activities which support and advance the education of pupils attending the school, acting in consultation with the leadership of the


The PTA shall have the power to do anything considered by them to be in furtherance of the aims but remembering that they are there to represent the views of the members. To include:

  1. To provide advice
  2. To publish or distribute information
  3. To co-operate with other bodies
  4. To raise funds
  5. To set aside funds for special purposes or as reserves against future expenditure
  6. To deposit or invest funds in any lawful manner
  7. To take out public liability and personal accident insurance to cover meetings, activities,committee members/trustees, to insure against any foreseeable risk and take out other insurance policies to protect the Association where required.
  8. To employ paid or unpaid agents, staff or advisers
  9. To enter into contracts to provide services to or on behalf of other bodies
  10. To pay the costs of forming the Association
  11. To obtain and pay for goods and services as are necessary
  12. To open and operate bank and other accounts as the committee members/trustees consider necessary
  13. To do anything else within the law that promotes the aims


The membership consists of parents/carers of children attending Starbeck Primary School and school staff as selected by the members.

Each member of the PTA shall have one vote and resolutions shall be passed by a simple majority vote of those present. The Chairperson shall have both a deliberative and casting vote. The Chairperson’s casting vote shall be used only in the event of a tie.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all meetings and shall make these available upon request to any member.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be held in October each year. The notice calling the meeting shall be sent to the members of the PTA at least two weeks in advance.

The business shall include:-

  1. the work of the PTA
  2. approval of the accounts
  3. appointment of an individual who will review the annual accounts
  4. any resolutions submitted by the members
  5. election of members to serve on the PTA Committee


Members of the PTA Committee shall be appointed at the AGM. They shall be elected for a one year term and be eligible for re-election.

The Office Bearers will be Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and such others as may be required.

The PTA Committee may co-opt up to 5 additional committee members to help carry out its functions.

The co-opted members shall retire at the AGM but shall be eligible to be co-opted for a further term.

At all general meetings voting shall be on the basis of one vote per PTA member present at the meeting.

At all General Meetings the quorum shall consist of double the number of current Committee Members and at least two of those present should be Committee Members.

The PTA Committee or 5 PTA members shall have power to call an Extraordinary General Meetings


Meetings of the PTA shall be held as required. At all standard PTA Meetings the quorum shall consist of 5 at least two of whom are committee members.

All PTA meetings shall be open and any member may attend and they will have voting rights.


The funds of the PTA shall be lodged in a bank, building society or other account in the name of the PTA. Cheques shall be agreed by 2 committee members and recorded. A signature of one named PTA committee account operator is required on all cheques.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping accurate records of the financial transactions of the PTA. The books shall be brought to balance six weeks before the AGM and the accounts shall be reviewed by an individual appointed at the previous AGM by the members.

The PTA shall be responsible for ensuring that all property/money received by/for the members/PTACommittee shall be applied for the aims of the PTA.

The PTA shall keep a small amount of Petty Cash (as agreed at the AGM).

Members will with permission have a spend limit as agreed at the AGM on items for the use of the PTA although this can be increased temporarily if necessary with prior approval of a Committee Member.


Changes or additions must be made at an AGM or an EGM called for the purpose. The proposed change shall be specified in the notice calling the meeting and be approved by not less than two thirds of those present.


In the event that the PTA ceases to exist any remaining funds should be distributed for the benefit of the children at the school and/or Local Authority as necessary.

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