© Starbeck Primary Academy (169)At Starbeck School we believe every child should have the chance to develop their creativity and make music.

Music is joyful and fun; it is a great way of expressing yourself and increases your self-confidence. We encourage all children to have a go, with lots of opportunities to join in music making, both for those who are learning to play a musical instrument and for anyone who just wants to have some fun. We love to celebrate our great musical talents in school, performing in assemblies and to parents and friends in the Summer Music Concert.

We are very proud of the high standards that our senior ensembles achieve. Children from Starbeck School regularly perform in the community and have strong links with local groups such as Harrogate Choral Society. Children are given the chance to experience performing in different settings, including local care homes, community centres, churches and Harrogate International Centre. We love to take our music out into the community and share it with a wide range of audiences.

In Key Stage 1 children have the opportunity to experiment musically as part of their everyday learning. From Year 2, children can begin to learn a musical instrument in lessons provided by external music teachers.

In Key Stage 2, as well as learning Music in class, there are lots of clubs you can join. Being part of a music club is a fun way to learn new skills and develop your musical talents. For more able musicians, being part of an ensemble is an essential part of your learning and opens up a whole new world of experiences.


The choir rehearses on Monday lunchtimes and everyone is welcome. We sing pop songs, songs from musicals and films, as well as lots of traditional favourites. The choir also performs out of school, sometimes joining with other local school children to take part in concerts. Singing is great fun and everyone can have a go.

We now also have a Key Stage 1 Singing Club which runs at lunchtime once per week.


The Junior Orchestra is open to everyone and rehearses on Tuesday lunchtimes. If you want to join in just come along - if you don’t play an instrument you can always play in the percussion section! Playing in an ensemble is really important for young musicians; learning to be part of a team and finding out how easy it is to make a great sound.

Children who learn a musical instrument are invited to join the Senior Orchestra when they are ready, rehearsing after school on Mondays. We play a mixture of classical and contemporary music and also try our hands at improvising and playing in our own rock band!

Ukulele Club

The ukulele is an affordable way to learn a musical instrument. If you have a ukulele, come along on Wednesday lunchtimes and have a go. Beginners are always welcome – we are all learning together! We are planning to bring our ukuleles into singing assembly soon to accompany the whole school in one of our favourite songs.

Djembe Drumming

Anyone can come along on Friday lunchtime and have a go at learning to play a rhythm on a Djembe drum. For more able players, the Djembe Drumming Team rehearses on Thursday lunchtimes, learning complex rhythms on a variety of drums and percussion instruments. The Djembe Drumming Team makes inspiring music which we take out into the community whenever we can.

Recorder Club

If you’ve ever wanted to play a musical instrument, this is a great place to start. In Recorder Club, on Friday lunchtimes, we learn the basics of reading music and help each other to learn to play simple tunes. More advanced players get together to play duets and trios.

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