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Starbeck Primary Academy has one intake in September, each year for children whose fifth birthday falls between 1 September and 31 August inclusive.

We also accept children mid-year who are moving into the area or changing school, dependent on current numbers and spaces within year groups.

Any parents wishing to consider Starbeck are encouraged to contact the school on 01423 884780 or by email: admin@starbeck.n-yorks.sch.uk to arrange to visit and look around.

Applications should then be made by completing a preference form which is available online at onlineadmissions.northyorks.gov.uk/Enrol/Website . All admissions to school must be authorised by the Local Authority. For September entry into Reception Class, detailed guidance can be found on the North Yorkshire County Council website: www.northyorks.gov.uk/article/23544

Information about the application process is here. https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/school-admissions

Parents of Reception aged children are notified by the Local Authority towards the end of the previous April to confirm the allocation of a place for September

Applying for a nursery place

Please contact the school to request an application pack.

Consultation on the proposed change of PAN (pupil on roll number) at Starbeck Primary Academy

The purpose of this communication is to provide an opportunity for stakeholder views on the change of the PAN (pupil on roll number) from 50 to 30 per year group. We are making a request to the Department for Education to change the PAN from September 2022.

Starbeck Primary Academy has been operating as a one-form entry school now for many years having previously accommodated 1.5 form entry and some mixed age classes. 

We have looked closely at statistics for place planning in the area for Starbeck and other local schools and can see that retaining our current one-form per year group school set-up (PAN 30) – rather than the mixed-age classes that a PAN of 50 would suggest – is the best option for our children. This will avoid situations of oversized classes or where, for example, 40 children are admitted by the local authority, meaning that additional class teachers and support, as well as additional indoor and outdoor learning areas, would be required for 10 children. At Starbeck, we feel that it is important to be able to maintain our current effective provision as we continue to move forward and to ensure that each year group maintains the best level of teaching, support and access to resources, without the risk of single classes becoming oversized which is currently possible with the existing PAN.  

We would maintain our contact with the local authority as well as the other NSAT and local schools going forward to monitor the availability of places in the local area. Should there be a significant change in the demand in Harrogate, then we would work with the local authority to help provide a solution.  

Our 2022-2023 admissions policy is available on our school website for your information, reflecting the updated Admissions Code 2021. 

The consultation will run until 21 January after which we will seek permission to extend the change to our admission arrangements from the Department of Education (DfE). 

We welcome the thoughts and responses of all members of the school’s community. You can let us know your views by completing the consultation online or by sending your comments or suggestions to the NSAT Director of Governance at the school’s postal address, or by email to: governance@nsat.org.uk

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